::NGC 6726-7, 6729 - Diffuse Nebulae..

NGC 6726, NGC 6727, NGC 6729 and the double star BSO 14 -  north is up, west to the left by M. Juchert

History: The three nebulae NGC 6726-27, and NGC 6729 were discovered by Johann Friedrich Julius Schmidt, during his observations at Athen Observatory in 1861. Marth indipendently rediscovered the objects in Malta 1864.

Observation: This is a beautiful nebula field in a heavy obscured area. It's visible as a faint neb., with only 2,5"! With 10" NGC 6726-7 is distinct and bright. NGC 6729 is a pretty faint, elongated nebula. It looks like a comet. The double star BSO 14 is easily sperated at 81x. It's components are of nearly equal magnitude!

The Sketch: It was done during my stay on La Palma 2003, near the top of the Roque de Los Muchachos. I used a 10" Meade LX200 SCT at 81x. The tranparency was very good (fst: 7m4).